MY name is Antonio Sanchez Jr. and I am a Claflin University Art student. I started drawing as a toddler inspired by television shows, movies, and video games. Throughout High School, I have drawn many characters in my notebooks and created various stories for these characters. But, it was not until my first semester at Claflin did I realize something: I had to become something else, something more than just an Art student. I have been building my skills in both traditional and digital art so that I am better rounded. I found that my favorite principles to use in my artwork are balance and unity, while my favorite elements to concentrate on are value and shape, although these can change depending on the current project.


I have found that there is an important theme that I address with many of my original characters. This theme can simply be called Perseverance or Willpower: whether the conflict be Man versus Man, Man versus Nature, Man versus Society, or Man versus Self, the character will either try to surpass the conflict or fail. Realistically, there will be failures, as with the real world. All of my characters live outside the realm of “reality” as we know it; however, who is to say their stories cannot be relatable or be a “realistic” struggle and/or triumph? This is what I am trying to convey in my artwork


SPCA, Orangeburg, South Carolina – Volunteer
  • Socialized Animals
  • Assisted in Cleanliness of Animal Areas
  • Somewhat Assisted with Veterinary Care





Proficient in painting, sculpting, drawing, jewelry making, and operating Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.



BA in Studio Art

Expected graduation: May 2017

Art Department

Claflin University

400 Magnolia St.

Orangeburg, SC 29115

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